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Conversation on racism and robotics
Updated: All the #ICRA2020 plenary and keynote videos
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by 老王app软件  -   July 28, 2020
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Series of protein-based artificial muscles, with performance exceeding that of biological muscle. Other soft robotic parts could include soft grippers and soft actuators. IMAGE: ABDON PENA-FRANCESCH, LEAD AUTHOR OF THE PAPER AND A FORMER DOCTORAL STUDENT IN DEMIREL’S LAB (NOW STARTING HIS OWN GROUP IN UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN).

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Repeated activity wears on soft robotic actuators, but these machines’ moving parts need to be reliable and easily fixed. Now a team of researchers has a biosynthetic polymer, patterned after squid ring teeth, that is self-healing and biodegradable, creating a material not only good for actuators, but also for hazmat suits and other applications where tiny holes could cause a danger.


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Xarpie Labs         

interview by Lauren Klein  -   July 28, 2020
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Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences for Consumers


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by Silicon Valley Robotics  -   July 27, 2020
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The DARPA Subterranean (SubT) Challenge aims to develop innovative technologies that would augment operations underground. On July 20, Dr Timothy Chung, the DARPA SubTChallenge Program Manager, joined Silicon Valley Robotics to discuss the upcoming Cave Circuit and Subterranean Challenge Finals, and the opportunities that still exist for individual and team entries in both Virtual and Systems Challenges, as per the video below.


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by 老王app2.2.9  -   July 22, 2020
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Human thumb next to our OmniTact sensor, and a US penny for scale.

By Akhil Padmanabha and Frederik Ebert

Touch has been shown to be important for dexterous manipulation in robotics. Recently, the GelSight sensor has caught significant interest for learning-based robotics due to its low cost and rich signal. For example, GelSight sensors have been used for learning inserting USB cables (Li et al, 2014), rolling a die (Tian et al. 2019) or grasping objects (老王app2.2.9).


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by Silicon Valley Robotics  -   July 18, 2020
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RSS 2020 was held virtually this year, from the RSS Pioneers Workshop on July 11 to the Paper Awards and Farewell on July 16. Many talks are now available online, including 103 accepted papers, each presented as an online Spotlight Talk on the 类似老王的app, and of course the plenaries and much of the workshop content as well. We’ve tried to link here to all of the goodness from RSS 2020.


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by MIT News  -   July 15, 2020
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The opposing fingers are lightweight and quick moving, allowing nimble, real-time adjustments of force and position.
Photo courtesy of MIT CSAIL.

For humans, it can be challenging to manipulate thin flexible objects like ropes, wires, or cables. But if these problems are hard for humans, they are nearly impossible for robots. As a cable slides between the fingers, its shape is constantly changing, and the robot’s fingers must be constantly sensing and adjusting the cable’s position and motion.


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by Lucy Smith and AIhub  -   July 15, 2020
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This year the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) is being run as a virtual event. One interesting feature of this conference is that it has been extended to run from 31 May to 31 August. A number of workshops were held on the opening day and here we focus on two of them: 魔道祖师小说软件免费-魔道祖师小说结局-爪游控:2021-6-12 · 魔道祖师小说软件免费-魔道祖师小说结局 2021-06-12 10:38 来源:网络 作者:投稿 “魏无羡死了。大快人心!” 乱葬岗大围剿刚刚结束,未及第二日,这个消息便插翅一般飞遍了整个修真 ... and 老王VPN最新版2.2.16无需注册安装即用:2021-6-13 · 标签:VPN 手机软件 老王 老王VPN 未经允许不得转载: 作者: 源码圈 , 转载或复制请以 超链接形式 并注明出处 源码圈博客 。 原文地址: 《老王VPN最新版2.2.16无需注册安装即用》 发布 …


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by 类似老王的app  -   July 14, 2020
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LIVESTREAM JULY 20 at 12pm PDT http://youtube.com/c/siliconvalleyrobotics



High Earth Orbit Robotics, with William Crowe

High Earth Orbit Robotics         

interview by Lilly Clark   -   July 14, 2020

Robohub Podcast · High Earth Orbit Robotics

In this episode, Lilly interviews Dr. William Crowe, CEO of High Earth Orbit (HEO) Robotics. The mission of HEO Robotics is to provide high quality imagery of satellites, space-debris and resource-rich asteroids. Crowe discusses the technical challenges which make robotics and satellites similar like computer vision and controls, and those where traditional robotics approaches aren’t suitable like localization and mobility. He explains new trends in the satellite industry, and the need for high quality imagery.



Solid State Lidar – the 3D Camera, with Erin Bishop

Sense Photonics         

interview by Abate De Mey   -   June 29, 2020
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In this episode, Abate interviews Erin Bishop from Sense Photonics about the technology in their “Solid State” LiDAR sensors that allows them to detect objects more accurately and over a larger field of view than traditional scanning LiDAR. Erin dives into the technical details of Solid State Lidar, discusses the applications and industries of the technology.


‘Robotics for Infectious Diseases’ and other resources

by Andra Keay  -   June 27, 2020

In times of crisis, we all want to know where the robots are! And young roboticists just starting their careers, or simply thinking about robotics as a career, ask us ‘How can robotics help?’ and ‘What can I do to help?’. Cluster organizations like Silicon Valley Robotics can serve as connection points between industry and academia, between undergrads and experts, between startups and investors, which is why we rapidly organized a weekly discussion with experts about “COVID-19, robots and us” (video playlist).



by 老王app2.2.9  -   June 24, 2020

The newly designed HAMR-Jr alongside its predecessor, HAMR-VI. HAMR-Jr is only slightly bigger in length and width than a penny, making it one of the smallest yet highly capable, high-speed insect-scale robots. Credit: Kaushik Jayaram/Harvard SEAS

By Leah Burrows

This itsy-bitsy robot can’t climb up the waterspout yet but it can run, jump, carry heavy payloads and turn on a dime. Dubbed HAMR-JR, this microrobot developed by researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, is a half-scale version of the cockroach-inspired Harvard Ambulatory Microrobot or HAMR.


Drones learn acrobatics by themselves

by NCCR Robotics  -   June 24, 2020

Researchers from NCCR Robotics at the University of Zurich and Intel developed an algorithm that pushes autonomous drones to their physical limit.



by Andra Keay  -   June 24, 2020
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Safe Motion Planning in Real-time, with Luca Colasanto

RealTime Robotics         

interview by Kate Zhou   -   June 19, 2020
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Robohub Podcast · Safe Motion Planning in Real-time

In this episode, we hear from Luca Colasanto, Senior Robotic Scientist at Realtime Robotics, about real-time robot motion planning in dynamic and complex environments with human-robot collaboration. Realtime Robotics focuses on accelerating conventional motion planning through optimization of algorithms and hardware to allow safe use of robotic tools in work areas with humans. Luca spoke to our interviewer Kate about Realtime Robotic’s fast motion planning technology, including key aspects, such as perception, algorithms and custom hardware.




July 28, 2020

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    Anca Dragan: Optimizing for coordination with people | CMU RI Seminar
    安卓全能扫描王v4.8.5 OCR文字识别软件 | 菜鸟IT资源网:2021-6-12 · 所属分类:手机软件 应用平台:安卓 资源版本:V4.8.5 最后更新:2021年6月12日 21:51 安卓全能扫描王v4.8.5 OCR文字识别软件 软件截图:
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    Gary Marcus: The Real Timetable for Robust AI that We can All Trust | What’s Now SF
    最新老王vpn 免费vpn 谷歌免费梯子 - 小奶狗博客 - 专注于 ...:2021-5-7 · 给大家推荐一款福利软件:老王vpn 这可能是目前最好的加速器!科学处理无法访问的网站,一键衔接,畅游全网,处理了游戏延迟高,视频无限缓冲等常见问题!「老王 VPN」是由在大陸發展的...
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    Amir Barati Farimani: Creative Robots with Deep Reinforcement Learning | CMU RI Seminar
    Andrea Thomaz: Robots Learning from Human Teachers | CMU RI Seminar

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